SEND Rolling Survey for Parents, Carers and Families

Closes 31 Aug 2024

Opened 31 Aug 2023


Welcome to the SEND Family Feedback survey! This survey is for parents, carers or families of children or young people with SEND, who would like to provide us with feedback of their experiences.

We start this survey by asking a few questions about your child/ young person. This is so we can identify any patterns in feedback, and if there are any specific areas that we need to target. All answers to this survey will remain anonymous. 

We have broken this survey down into categories. This is so we can receive more specific feedback, related to exactly what parents, carers and families would like to tell us about. If you have multiple areas to tell us about, please fill in this survey as many times as you require. Please note we have kept each section short yet informative, so filling in this survey more than once should not take too long.

We really appreciate all your feedback. We intend to review responses and publish key actions every 3 months, which will be communicated via our SEND Partnership newsletter.  

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